The World Cup Of Christmas Songs Has Finally Begun And People Are Taking It Very Seriously


Surely we can all agree that one of the best parts of Christmas lies in all the gloriously Holiday-themed music. The most wonderful time of the year? Of course. Rocking around the Christmas tree? Yes please. Walking in a Winter Wonderland? Tell-us-more. 

Nothing gets you in the mood for Christmas more than a festive song or two (or fifty-five).


Whether you’re sat in the office on a dreary Monday morning or snuggled up with a cuppa at home, you could have  All I Want For Christmas blaring overhead or Baby It’s Cold Outside purring softly from the stereo – the point is that, soon enough, you’ll find yourself overcome with a warm, comforting sensation – somewhat similar to receiving a hug from someone really tall and soft, like Barney.


Okay, so, that image might seem a bit creepy when you think about it, but isn’t that the point of those Christmas-y feelings? No-one’s in the mood for a bit of festive delight when it hits March, are they?

Blaring Last Christmas from your speakers during Easter would be creepy indeed.

But once December comes around (although, we like to think that some allowances can be made in November too), playing festive songs just seems to be the only thing that feels right.

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And who can blame us? Christmas songs are bloody amazing. What does it truly mean to rock around a Christmas tree? We have no idea – but that won’t stop us from gyrating, grinding and twerking to the absolute classic that is Brenda Lee’s 1960’s banger. Yaaass, Brenda. 


It seems almost too difficult to pick which Christmas song beats all the others as the ultimate best, but Richard Osman – the famed co-host of BBC’s Pointless – has put the good people of Twitter up to that exact task, and boy is it causing quite the stir.

Indeed, the annual World Cup of Christmas Songs has arrived, a social-media based battle for which festive track is considered to be the best of all time. Using a vote system, Richard Osman has grouped a number of 32 ultimate Christmas songs into eight groups of four.

Two tracks advance forward from each group and the voting continues until, finally, one song is chosen as the ultimate winner.

Here are the groups:

And people are taking their vote very seriously. Some are enraged that their personal faves didn’t make it to the list, whilst others are already predicting which tracks will advance. Wham or Mariah? Fairytale of New York or White Christmas? The hashtag #wcocs is trending all over the UK and, in all honesty, we completely understand why.

This appears to be a task thats splitting the nation …

Get voting before it’s too late people!

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Which song do you think will win? Let us know in the comments!

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