The Trailer For Netflix's New Supernatural Drama 'The Innocents' Is Seriously Creepy


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Much like Beyonce with her impromptu ‘Lemonade’ drop, Netflix have mastered the art of surprise. 

While their decision to suddenly release the latest Cloverfield film, The Cloverfield Paradox, may have been more to do with the fact that it was kinda crap as opposed to any wave-making motives, Netflix have still been practising their shock-factor – something that is also proved by their abrupt announcement of a deal with American Crime Story producer Ryan Murphy.

Carrying on with this technique, Netflix have dropped a rather cryptic trailer for their upcoming supernatural drama The Innocents without warning.

Their brand new chilling British drama will be a kind of supernatural Romeo and Juliet, following teenagers Harry and June who run away from home in order to be together. Secrets kept from them by their respective parents end up testing their love to breaking-point, while the extraordinary gift that they both share will unleash powerful forces that seem intent on dividing them forever…


Starring Sorcha Groundsell (Clique), Percelle Ascot (Wizard vs. Aliens), and Guy Pearce (The King’s Speech), The Innocents will have eight episodes.

The mini-series has been created and written by Hania Elkington (The North London Book of the Deadand Simon Duric – the man behind episodes of The Crown and Black Mirror.


Elkington and Duric summed up the show as follows:

“A simple classic story at its heart but with escalating stake around it.”

What’s really at the heart of The Innocents and what we’re hoping will engage with people of all ages is this young love story.”

It’s these two teenagers on the run, escaping their small town, repressive lives together. They’ve got hopes and dreams, and the future is all ahead of them. But then their innocence is derailed, secrets come out and dark forces rally. The question is not only will they be able to return to that status of young, innocent and in love but also, will they be able to be together and will they be able to survive.”


While the trailer doesn’t give too much away, the shots of mist and broken mirrors certainly give the impression that something occult is going on.

Here’s hoping The Innocents is as gripping as Netflix’s other coming-of-age dramas such as 13 Reasons Why and The End of the F***ing World.

Watch The Innocents trailer below:

We can’t wait to see more…

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