'Stranger Things' Could Be The Prequel To This Famous Stephen King Horror Movie


If you haven’t finished season two of ‘Stranger Things’, avoiding spoilers must be an absolute nightmare. Thankfully, however, you needn’t cower away from this article, as we’ve been kind enough to leave out any specific hints as to what happens in all nine episodes. 

Don’t say we never do anything for ya’. 


Having said that, we will be mentioning things from season one, so if you’re that far behind, then we can’t help you. Our courtesy literally ends – right – here.

So, the time has come for the Reddit theories to emerge from their year long hibernation since Stranger Things ended its first season. Eleven disappeared back into the upside down, leaving Mike to mourn her absence, and we, as a collective bunch of fans, were undeniably heartbroken. The Redditors turned their attention to Game of Thrones, and we allowed ourselves to forget.


However, now that Stranger Things is back with season two, those godforsaken theories have popped up once again – and boy, are they outlandish.

And whilst most of these speculations may be nothing more than dubious drivel, there is one theory in particular that has us quite convinced.

We’ll elaborate.


Now, it’s no secret that Stranger Things as a whole series is heavily influenced by Stephen King’s works. The Duffer Brothers have stated, on several occasions, that their inspirations for the tale came from all corners of the horror universe, from Spielberg’s Jurassic Park to Stephen King’s IT.

However, one eagle-eyed Redditor has stretched this fact even further, by claiming that Stranger Things is actually a prequel to one of King’s most famous novellas.

The Mist was written by Stephen King back in 1980. The gruesome tale, which told the story of a town plagued by a mysterious mist carrying a wave of terrifying creatures within its depths, was adapted into a film in 2007, and then, more recently, into a horror TV series by Netflix this year.


So, how does Stranger Things relate to The Mist exactly?

Well, Reddit user – thisshortenough – has three main points of evidence to support this theory:

1.  The Timelines Add Up.


This theory, it should be mentioned, solely focuses on the film adaptation of Stephen King’s novella. So despite the novella itself being published in the 80’s, the movie takes place in 2007.

With this in mind, it would make sense for the events of Stranger Things to act as some sort of catalyst to all the chaos that took place in 2007’s The Mist.

2. The Monsters In Both The Mist And Stranger Things Come From Similar Sources.


The Demogorgon from Stranger Things came from the Upside Down, which was an alternate universe that the government tapped into, whilst the beast in The Mist came from the Arrowhead Project, a classified plan that the Military were working on which involved the exploring of other dimensions. Sound similar?

3. Most Importantly, Will Byers Is The Connection.


Okay, hear us out.

Remember when, in the final episodes of Stranger Things season 1, Will coughed up those wretched-looking slugs into the sink? Well, this theory stems from the possibility that those slugs eventually evolve into the beast that wreaks havoc in The Mist. 

Perhaps the so-called Arrowhead Project the Military were working on was simply just a twisted voyage into a matured version of The Upside Down from Stranger Things, in which these slug-like creatures might have grown to become the sky-high multiple-legged beasts that are seen in The Mist. 


In the later episodes of Stranger Things, it’s also made quite clear that these slugs bear a somewhat uncanny semblance to the same flesh of the Demogorgon, alluding to the fact that they’re of the same gene family.

If that’s the case, then we can definitely incorporate the fact that the Demogorgon can be hurt by fire, as we see in some of the episodes – and, in The Mist, the military’s automatic defensive response to the creature is to hit it with flame-throwers.

Perhaps they knew that fire would hurt the creature because, in their files from the 80’s, it was recorded that fire could hurt the Demogorgon, which might have come from the same dimension as the creature – aka. the Upside Down …


Well, whether you’re convinced or not, it can’t be denied that many people have drawn some similarities between Stephen King’s works and Stranger Things in the past:

So what do you think of this theory? Convinced or not? Let us know in the comments!

Images via Netflix / Giphy / Dimension Films / Castle Rock Entertainment / Warner Bros. 

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