This Story About A 'Heroic' Cow Escaping From A Slaughterhouse Is Absolutely Epic


Every now and then you stumble across a story that is so good, so utterly pure, that you refuse to believe it’s anything other than the work of fiction.

Said stories are almost too good to be true, such is their brilliance, but it gives me great pleasure in saying that this next story is as real as you or I.

It concerns a renegade cow and her bold escape to freedom…

The protagonist of this story was on her way to meet her maker, making the unfortunate journey to a local abattoir in Poland.

A cruel end for a creature, you might think, but this bovine beauty was not about to give up without a fight.

Clearly recognising an opportunity for freedom, the cow refused to get on the back of a lorry to be killed, bursting out of its shed like an absolute madman and ramming head first through a metal fence.

Once the fence was down, she fled through a series of fields and made a dash towards nearby Lake Nysa, south Poland.

Several workers were sent running after the escaped animal, having ignored advice that she should be tranquilized. As the workers attempted to bring her back, however, the cow broke one of the worker’s arms and bruised their ribs, according to Polish news show Wiadomosci.

As the owner – Mr Lukasz – made one last push to get the animal back to the farm, the animal, who was clearly having none of it, entered the nearby water and swam to one of the islands in the middle of the lake, even diving underwater on its way over.

After a week of attempting to get the cow back, owner Mr Lukasz gave up and tried to make sure she had enough food to stay alive.

When firefighters used a boat to get to the island, the cow swam about 50 metres to a neighbouring peninsula, where it remains, apparently “attacking” anyone who dares to approach her.

Despite the farmer considering having it shot dead, a political leader in the town of Nysa, Czeslaw Bilobran, has reportedly said the cow will live out its life in peace.

The story has even captured the attention of a local singer and politician who has made it his mission to save the “hero cow”.

The 54-year-old took to Facebook to praise the cow saying: ‘I am not a vegetarian, but the fortitude and will to fight for the life of this cow cannot be underestimated!

I will do everything for the cow to be delivered to a safe place and reward her attitude by guaranteeing her a long-term retirement and natural death.’

Now the farmer is getting food delivered to the island for the cow, who has been on the island for about three weeks.

I told you, I genuinely reckon that’s the best story I’ve ever read.

God bless that cow.

Images via Pawel Kukiz/Facebook

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