Someone Made A 'Mr. Men' Cartoon About Trump And It Gets Really Dark


Trump doesn’t really have the best track record with kids when it comes to the media spotlight, does he? 

There was that iconic image of 9-year-old Mari – who also goes by ‘Little Miss Flint’ (she campaigns about Flint’s clean water crisis in her spare time) – hugging Trump and Obama in two different pictures. The two images quickly went viral because it was quite clear who Mari preferred.

And that’s not the only one. During one his rally’s back in 2016, Trump tried to kiss a little girl on stage and she simply just wasn’t having it …

As we said – not the best track record. And who could blame them? Kids don’t really know much about Trump other than what their parents tell them or what they hear everywhere else. And, seeing as most people hardly ever have anything positive to say about the POTUS anyway, it’s understandable that kids wouldn’t want to be getting up close and personal with the guy. We get it.

Thankfully, however, there’s now a Mr. Men inspired cartoon to truly educate the kids about who Trump is and what he’s really like. Created by an artist named S4RK over on

You all remember Mr. Men and Little Miss, don’t you? Those classic childrens books that you could collect when you were younger? They were even adapted into a childrens show on ITV.

Here’s a little throwback, in case you don’t remember …


The characters were based on personality types and physical features, which means that they had names like Mr. Quiet, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Strong, Mr. Perfect, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Tall, Mr. Uppity and what have you.

Those were much simpler times …

Well, this new Mr. Men inspired cartoon depicts Trump in these not-so-simple times, and, whilst it does look like it’s aimed at the kids, we feel that it gets way too dark and deep for them to handle. To be fair, even we were feeling a little deflated by the whole thing.

It just isn’t exactly what you’d call bedtime reading. But hey – you can judge for yourselves. Take a look at the cartoon in its entirety below:


Um, so yeah – maybe the kids won’t exactly warm to Trump after reading this. It’s super dark, and if anything, would only make them squirm away from him even more.

Oh well. It’s not as if that’s a particularly bad thing …

Images via B3ta / Getty / ITV

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