Someone Has Come Up With The Perfect Plot For A 'Friends' Film


It has become increasingly clear that we really just can’t let go of Friends

First the iconic US sitcom was played non-stop on E4, then Comedy Central jumped on the band wagon, and before we knew it Friends was being adopted by the king of the streaming services, Netflix.

While there was admittedly some backlash with people pointing out certain aspects of the comedy that didn’t exactly live up to current standards of ‘wokeness’, in general there’s been nothing but lovin’ for the show.

No matter how many times we listen to the theme tune, lust after Rachel’s wardrobe, or watch Chandler’s balls shrink into his chest upon hearing Janice’s shrill laugh, we’re still going to go on and on and on and on about how it really is the best show ever… because, well it is.

People are so enamoured with Ross, Monica, Chandler, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe (Phoebe has to come last because she’s clearly the worst character), that there have long been calls to turn Friends into a film, despite members of the cast (*cough* David Schwimmer) giving it a firm no.

One die-hard fan even created a pretty convincing Friends film trailer, prompting Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe Buffay) to claim that “something should be done” about a movie considering the amount of demand for one – a comment that raised heart rates around the globe.

And now it seems like a Reddit user is adding more fuel to the Friends film fire, by putting forward a plot that could possibly be made into a reality – or, at the very least, deserves some serious consideration.

Reddit user Krystan has suggested that a Friends film could revolve around Joey (Matt LeBlanc) hanging up his player lifestyle, finding the right woman, and actually getting married.

Now, we can guess what you’re thinking: the Joey spin-off series was pretty dismal, and surely if there were any good Joey-themed ideas then they would have come out a long time ago.

Even so, Krystan wrote:

I always thought there’s no story to tell if they ever made a movie, but this actually makes sense, at least to me. It’s a reason to put all 6 of them in the same plot with the possibility of hilarious scenes.”

I actually hate that I thought of a logical scenario for a movie plot knowing that it will never happen.”

If this plot were to become a reality then not only would we get to be consoled by Joey finally finding true love, but we’d also get to see how Monica and Chandler dealt with raising twins, and if Rachel and Ross were still bickering about the whole ‘we were on a break’ fiasco (let it go, guys…).

And for those who might care, we’d also probably get an insight into the lives of Phoebe and Mike – a couple who have about as much chemistry as two dead fish.

We can dream…

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