Sickening New Trailer For '10 x 10' Will Keep You Up For Nights On End


You may recognise Luke Evans from last year’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’, in which he played Gaston.

Gaston was that double-chinned a**hole who somehow couldn’t get enough of himself and had a permanent hard-on for Belle, even though she clearly wasn’t interested in him. He tried literally every tactic known to man to try and seduce, but Belle much preferred to dive head-first into the world of bestiality.


Yeah – that Luke Evans.

Well, this new horror film – titled 10 x 10 – will see him taking on a much more sinister role. And yes, we know, how on earth could it possibly get any more sinister than Gaston? Well, try this for size. Luke will be playing a crazy stalker named Lewis who kidnaps a young woman and locks her in a specially manufactured 10 by 10 sound-proof room.

As we said – sinister.


The film will also star current Britannia actress – Kelly Reilly – who will be playing Cathy, the unfortunate victim of Lewis’s deadly obsession.

As you all probably know, this isn’t the first time that the stalker theme has been tackled. It won’t even be the only stalker film to be tackled this year (Claire Foy – from The Crown – stars in an iPhone shot thriller named Unsane that’ll be released later this year, and that looks like an absolute nightmare).

However, what does distinguish 10 x 10 from other titles  is it’s unique inclusion of vengeance. That sweet, sweet vengeance.

In other words, Luke Evans won’t just be playing some sick, twisted stalker in this film. He’ll be playing a sick, twisted stalker hell-bent on getting revenge.


I know – straight out of a telenovela, right? (#JanetheVirgin).

Anyway, the trailer doesn’t really give away too much about why Luke’s character is after Cathy – but we do know that it has something to do with a little girl, and someone (or something) hanging from the inside of a basement, and … yeah, after that, it all just gets a bit bloody.


Cathy tries to claw her way out of the room but ends up with bloody stubs for fingers instead, so then she kind of just snaps (as anyone would, we suppose) and decides to go all psycho-killer on Luke instead. In the trailer, she grabs a massive pitchfork and goes to stab him in the neck with it, but obviously, we don’t get to see if she actually succeeds or if she just has really bad aim …

Anyway, why not check out the trailer down below?

10 x 10 will hit theatres this April 13th. Excited for it?

Images via Vertical Entertainment / Disney / Giphy

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