People Mock 'Huge' Earthquake Damage With Hilarious Aftermath Reactions


Yesterday, a 4.2 magnitude earthquake struck the UK, localised mainly to Swansea, Wales, and parts of South-West England.

Apparently, it was felt from as from as far as Cornwall in the south-west to Blackpool in the north west, and let me tell you that coming from Blackpool myself, the place already looks like it’s been hit with a devastating earthquake.

In fact, it’s one of the few places that would actually look better if an earthquake were to hit it, not that I’m saying I want that to happen, of course.


Still, despite being only the fifth most powerful earthquake to hit the UK since 2000, people were a little shaken up by the tremors, with Baglan resident Meyrick Sheen telling Wales Online:

We have lived here for 40 years and we have never experienced anything like this before, it felt like a massive explosion under ground.

The walls shook, the lights flashed and the pictures were shaking. It was frightening.”

Thankfully, though, there were no casualties, and as British people like to do with these things, many people were having a good old laugh about it.

Yep, there were jokes a plenty on social media after the quake’, with loads of people sarcastically quipping about the ‘mammoth seismic event’.

Here’s some of the most hilarious reactions:

It’s great banter, it really is.

Images via Twitter/GIPHY

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