McDonald's Are Removing Two Big Items From Its Happy Meals In New Health Drive


When I was younger, my mum would finish late from work on Friday evenings, so me and my dad would always stop off at a McDonald’s on the way to pick her up.

Being a kid and that, my stomach couldn’t quite handle the mammoth calorie intake of a Big Mac or a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, but luckily ol’ Ronald had accounted for that with his affordable and delicious Happy Meal.

The mixture of a cheeseburger, fries, small drink was the ultimate combination, and the toy, well, that was just the icing on the cake.

Sadly, I’ve not had one in years because I’m an adult and I need approximately 10 x more food than that, but if you are a regular purchaser of the famed Happy Meal, this latest new might affect you, because Maccy D’s are making biiiiiiiiig changes.

In an effort to cut down on the calories, sodium, saturated fat and sugar that children consume under its golden arches, McDonald’s are scrapping cheeseburgers and chocolate milk from its American Happy Meal menus.

It’s worth mentioning that diners can still specifically ask for both items in their meal if they really want to, you just have to ask the person behind the till, but McDonald’s said that not listing them will reduce how often they’re ordered.

The changes are expected to occur in the United States by June and could be rolled out globally in the coming months and years.

It’s all part of the fast-food chain’s plans to get rid of its ‘junk-food’ image, particularly as The Happy Meal has long faced scrutiny from health activists and parents who claim it encourages childhood obesity with clever marketing.

They’ve made several changes to it’s Happy Meal over the years, from cutting the size of its fries to including less sugary drinks. Since it removed fizzy drinks from the Happy Meal menu four years ago, orders for them with Happy Meals have fallen 14%, the company said.

According to Sky News, McDonald’s also wants to have at least half of the Happy Meals listed on its drive-thru, restaurant and digital menus around the world to contain 600 calories or fewer by 2022.

Apparently, the firm also plans to offer books as an alternative to toys in 100 of its markets around the world by the end of 2019 – up from 20.

It’s probably a good idea really – encouraging kids to be a bit healthier is never a bad thing, is it?

And we all know that the biggest change they need to make is making the Mozarella Dippers a permanent fixture on their menus.

Those things are like tiny pieces of fried crack.


Images via McDonald’s

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