This Is How Many Times The Average Person Has Sex Per Year


Owing to the media, Tinder, and that one housemate you can always hear romping away on the other side of the wall (curse the thin plastering), the pressure to be going at it like bunnies can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

Whether you’re in a long term relationship, traversing the dating world via apps, or simply stalking clubs looking to pull like people did back in the old days, it can be depressing to actually sit back, count, and discover with a growing sense of defeat that you’ve only managed to get lucky a handful of times in the past few months.

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While we all like to think we’re a Tom cat and score more often than we miss, this is often not the case. I mean, think about it… really, really think about it… Just how many times have you managed to seal the deal since the new year broke a month and a half ago?

If you are keeping notches on your bed, holes in your belt, or a tally on your phone about the number of times you’ve somehow managed to sow your seed and are looking for something to compare it to, then energy supplier Boost have worked out the average amount of times us Brits get down and dirty.

It turns out people in Britain have sex on average 86 times per year, lasting a total of 45 hours.

That works out as roughly 1.7 times per week.

Feel depressed? Buoyed?

Foreplay allegedly lasts around 11 minutes per sesh, with the main event taking about 12 minutes. Post-coital cuddling – an arguably essential ingredient – is said to take around nine minutes.

We’re not sure how Boost worked that one out, but we’re glad that the majority of the population are getting some kind of appreciation even after the sex is over.

Shot of an affectionate young couple making love in their bedroom in the morning

Those from Nottingham should apparently be walking with an extra spring in their step, as they apparently succeed in having sex 131 times per year – around 45 times more than the national average.

Considering Nottingham is the gun and drugs capital of the UK, the fact that they have more sex kind of balances things out…

And if you’re wondering why an energy company has been doing research on sex (hey, we all love it but this seems a bit out of there remit), it all comes down to an incentive they’re running. Boost is currently rewarding customers for keeping the lights on with a new energy-saving light bulb.

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Boost also discovered that a staggeringly high amount of us hate getting jiggy with the lights off, with 41% opting for pitch black when having sex. Unfortunately, my home-town of Bristol led the pack with this depressing revelation, with 54% claiming they prefer coitus in the dark.

Never have I felt less proud to be a Bristolian.

Sexpert Alix Fox said of the revelations:

Turning on the lights while getting intimate might initially seem like a turn off to many people, but there are a myriad of great reasons to keep the bulbs burning while you get down to business.”

For starters, you can actually see what you’re doing. If you’re fumbling and bumbling about in the dark you’re less likely to get it right.” 

A.k.a. you’re more likely to shove it in the wrong hole.

The survey, which asked 2, 003 UK adults, discovered that Birmingham, Leeds, Southampton, Newcastle, and Liverpool prefer to get down to it with the lights on, while Bristol, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, and Plymouth are somewhat coy in between the sheets, deciding to turn the lights off.


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