At Least 7 People Wounded By "Active Shooter" At Ohio State University


US news outlets are reporting an active shooter at Ohio State University, with at least seven people injured and one feared dead. 

The University’s Emergency Management first sounded the alarm, tweeting that there was a shooter on campus, and that students should “run, hide [or] fight”. Police are on the scene, and have killed at least one suspect, although authorities are reportedly still searching for more.

The Associated Press have stated that seven people have been taken to hospital, and after sightings of a body bag, there are fears that somebody has been killed.

18-year-old Stephen Yunker told NBC News:

“I heard gunshots from my dorm, probably six or seven. We saw fire trucks, couple of cars, and a body laying on the ground.”

Another student – Nicole Kreinbrink-  reported seeing a car plough into a group of people who had been evacuated – injuring a police officer:

“This car just swerved and ran into a whole group of people. It hit a cop really bad. All these people were running and screaming and yelling”.

Our thoughts are with everybody at Ohio State. 

Images via ABC News

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