Kit Kats Have Just Been Voted The World's Greatest Chocolate Bar


The world is a confusing place… Donald Trump is President, Terry’s Chocolate Oranges have become smaller yet more expensive, and Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux have just announced their separation. 

We don’t know how or why these things have happened, but somehow they did and now we’ve just got to … deal with it, I suppose?

And it seems like there’s another thing in the world that we’re just going to have to begrudgingly accept.

The most mundane and boring of packed-lunch chocolate bars – the Kit Kat – has just been voted as the greatest ever chocolate bar.

I know. I’m just as confused as you are.

There’s obviously nothing wrong with Kit Kats, but they’re not exactly exciting in any sense of the word. A bit of wafer, a bit of chocolate, a slightly unusual two-bar shape, and that’s about it.

I could see a Kit Kat Chunky maybe topping the list … But a regular, run of the mill Kit Kat? Forget about it.

Ranker asked over 100,000 people what their favourite chocolate bars were, with the top three coming out as Kit Kat, Twix, and Snickers.

Evidently there’s something wrong with the public. Twirl – one of the most hallowed chocolate creations known to man – is nowhere to be seen, and while admittedly the Twix ‘aint a half bad snack, I can certainly think of other things I’d rather get my chops around.

Criteria for the list dictated that the chocolate must be in bar form, banning “cups, eggs, bits, balls, pieces, or patties” – perhaps a reason as to why Reese’s Pieces were a no-show.

The top 10 looked like this:

Kit Kat



Milky Way

Hershey Bar

Nestle Crunch

Butterfinger Bar

3 Musketeers


Almond Joy

As you might be able to tell, a few of these bars don’t grace the UK and the reason for the Kit Kat’s popularity may be that the list was open to people all over the world. Kit Kats are a chocolate staple of multiple countries, therefore making their chances of topping their list that bit higher than say, the Kinder Bueno.

Check out the list here and get voting!

Have a break by all means, but don’t have a Kit Kat. 

Images via Amazon / GIPHY 

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