James Corden Gets Punched In The Face During 'Subway Karaoke' Skit


Just when you thought that Carpool Karaoke was getting old and boring, The Late Late Show host James Corden finds a way to reinvigorate it. 

He takes it onto public transport, and uses it to severely irritate the general public.

In a Grammy’s skit that you might or might not find funny, Corden takes Shaggy and Sting to sing on the subway.


Now, you’d think that people would be thrilled to find Sting or Shaggy (let alone both of them) casually busking on their train, but apparently not.

In this skit, commuters get seriously pissed off by the music, and James Corden get a punch to the face.

Check it out:

People on Twitter were nonplussed:

But at least Jovi here liked it:

Maybe Subway Karaoke is going to be the next big thing… 

Images via CBS

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