The Hook Weekly Quiz - Week One


Annoying, ain’t it, when your friends just won’t bloody accept that you’re by far the most intelligent one of the group?

They’ve got half a brain cell between them yet they think they’re a regular Stephen Fry just because they got one ‘Pointless’ question right on the quiz machine at your local boozer.


But instead of questioning yourself and why you hang around with such ignoramuses, why not complete our super cerebral-exercising quiz to put the debate to bed once and for all?

(Or, if you’ve got no mates, try and improve your score each week. It’s literally perfect for everyone!)

With rounds on Marvel, Friends, Netflix, celeb break-ups and that pesky General Knowledge, now’s your chance to prove you’re a walking, talking, all-knowing quizzard.

Oh, sounds easy does it? Prove it!

(Psst… If the quiz isn’t loading properly, you can find it here!)

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