Here's How To Apply For The Latest Series Of 'Naked Attraction'


Is the dating world getting you a bit down at the moment? Is it all just a tad futile and superficial? Sounds like you need to lift the weight off, namely the weight of your clothes. Yes, Naked Attraction are recruiting for new contestants and you, wobbly bits and all, could make a naked debut. 

naked attraction

If you haven’t watched the show before, one lucky contestant can choose a date from 6 other contestants. Each contestant is stood billy bollock naked in a cubicle. The door of the cubicle opens from the feet up, and stops at a particular place on the body with each round. This ensures that you get a thorough look at the goods and decide to let the door go any higher depending on how much you fancy the junk in their trunk.

At the end of each round, one contestant is eliminates, purely based on how good they look naked. In the final round, the door is completely up, revealing the contestant’s full naked glory.

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One might argue that judging someone entirely on their body is superficiality in its purest form. But think about it, you’ve got over the hump of seeing your date naked, which is one of the biggest things you’re trying to suss out on a date.

If anything, now you’ll be more focused on making great conversation. Jane Austen would be proud.

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It’s not just about getting a date either. The show has helped people out with issues surrounding body confidence and help people address the balance between physical attraction and emotional connection.

Anna Richardson, the (clothed) host of the show is very proud of her role as Cupid, saying ‘It’s brave and it’s out there, and I see that as a very positive thing’.

It’s very simple to apply. Hit up the show’s website here and fill out the necessary form. You must be over 18 to take part.

Do you know anyone who would be interested? 

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