'First Dates' Viewers Left Divided Over Man Wanting To Split The Bill


Dating can be a notoriously difficult minefield to navigate through, and there are a seemingly endless amount of dating no-nos and social faux pas that one has to be wary of when romancing a potential suitor.

This has proved problematic for me down the years because I’m quite prone to ‘putting my foot in it’, as it were. I’m dangerously self-destructive and have a tendency to sabotage dates right at the last minute when everything seems to be going well, which usually comes in the form of me bringing up the fact I’ve never had a girlfriend or that I’m extremely self-centred.

One of the biggest issues with dating these days seems to be the small matter of fronting the bill. I don’t know what the rules are but for me personally, I’m happy to pay for the full amount on the first date and go 50/50 on any subsequent dates.

While many ‘traditionalists’ (as they like to call themselves) believe that it’s the man’s duty to pay for the bill – simply because he’s the man – others think that in this here age of equality, it’s only right that you split it down the middle.

It’s a debate that rages on, but this exact issue reared its ugly head once again on Channel 4’s flagship dating show First Dates, with 30-year-old hopeful Isaac and his 26-year-old date Maya.

Isaac started the date off by ordering a water at the bar and looked a little nervy when his date arrived and ordered a rum and cranberry.

As the two sat down, Isaac began talking about his ‘modern’ relationship ideals, while asking his date if she would be willing to go dutch.

He also said that his anxiety around dating didn’t come from the date herself, but the issue of whether or not he’d be able to afford it.

“My friends were like ‘Isaac be the gentleman, be the gentleman! Pay for the whole meal!”‘ Isaac began.

“I said ‘Look, if the lady likes me for who I am she not gonna worry about what’s in my wallet, and we can always just go half and half on everything.'”

“I’m very traditional,” Maya replied. “And although I don’t mind being modern, in a traditional way a man should pay.”

Isaac continued: “This is what my number one fear is: would I be losing points if me and you were to go halves?”

“Yeah,” Maya replied, adding: “Listen, the way I see it is if you treat me good, I’ll give you the world.”

People were quick to jump on Isaac for appearing to be so stingy.

See, told you: dating = minefield.

But things soon took an interesting turn as the real reason for Isaac’s frugality was revealed.

He revealed that he was currently living in a YMCA after being homeless for two years, with things going downhill for him after losing his mum to cancer.

“I loved my mum to bits. I was always the mummy’s boy,” he said.

“‘I just lost myself. Every day I was arguing with somebody. My brother kicked me out.

One of my grimmest moments you could say, there was a winter’s night. I actually had to sleep with leaves covered over me, wrapped up in a sheet in the gutter.

I was crying my heart out in the morning for missing my mum.”

Needless to say, with such a harrowing revelation, people on social media were quick to change their opinion of Isaac, leaping to his support and defending his decision to split the bill.

It’s almost, almost like you shouldn’t judge someone before you know everything about them.

Who’d have thought it?

Fortunately, there was a happy ending as Maya agreed to split the bill.

“Going halves on the bill, usually that would have been a complete no no for me,” she said. “[But] he’s got nothing to be ashamed of whatsoever. He’s very romantic and I’m not use to that at all.”

After splitting the bill, they both said that they’d like to see each other again, with Isaac adding: “This is the first time I’ve been into an official restaurant on a date and I couldn’t be happier.”

Ahh. Gets you right in dem feels, doesn’t it?

But does it end the ‘who pays’ debate?

Probably not.

I’ll let you lot discuss it in the comments.

Images via Channel 4/YouTube/GIPHY

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