This Famous Horror TV Show Is Being Adapted Into A Big Hollywood Blockbuster


So, back in the 80’s, there was a pretty messed up TV Show called ‘V’ – which stood for ‘The Visitors’. It told the story of an alien invasion on Earth, and how these ‘visitors’ went about carrying out their plan to take over the planet. 

Sounds pretty tame in comparison to the things we have on TV nowadays, eh? Well, that may be true, but way back then, it was one of the most horrifying things on TV. And, to be fair, looking at it now, we can totally see why.

Just check out some of these creepy visuals:



In 1983, V premiered with a two-part mini-series that was so successful that they followed it up with a three-part miniseries in 1984 called V: The Final Battle. This was then further developed into a weekly television series of a similar name, consisting of nineteen episodes.

V (TV Series 2009) starring Elizabeth Mitchell, Morena Baccarin, Laura Vandervoort, Joel Gretsch, Scott Wolf, Morris Chestnut, Lourdes Benedicto, Logan Huffman, Charles Mesure, Christopher Shyer, Mark Hildreth, Roark Critchlow, Scott Hylands and Jane Badler -

The series ran from 1984 to 1985 and was referred to as V: The series. The shows producers left it alone for several years after that, but then, in 2009, they decided to give it a revamp on ABC. The 22-episode remake ran from 2009 to 2011 for two seasons and was known as V: The 2009 TV series.

V gave us a horrifying look into an alien invasion with a humanistic twist. The aliens that landed on earth looked exactly like humans, but, were reptiles underneath. They’d integrated themselves into human life and, unless they peeled back their skins, audiences could never really be sure whether they were aliens or not.

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The show also focused on a rebel group who spent their time fighting against these aliens, and it was often surprising to find that some of the aliens were hiding amongst them, right there in plain sight.

It was apparently quite harrowing stuff, and, thanks to the show’s original producer – Kenneth Johnson – we’ll be getting another dose of the series through a revamped trilogy of horror movies.


Here’s what Kenneth Johnson had to say about the new project.

“We are delighted to team up with Desilu to bring the timeless, and timely, story of resistance against tyranny into the 21st Century. V will be the first of a cinematic trilogy which will tell the full epic tale in the manner I always envisioned.”

There are currently no details about which story the trilogy will follow, but it will most likely remain faithful to the original premise of an alien invasion. Whether the film decides to stand alone or adapt from the 2009 remake remains to be seen, but what we do know is that trilogy will come from Desilu, the same production company that granted us Star Trek back in the 60’s.

Check out the trailer for the 2009 version of V down below:


Images via NBC / ABC

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