Everyone's Loving Steve Harrington In The Latest Season Of 'Stranger Things'


Warning! This article contains minor spoilers from the second season of Stranger Things! While we’re not going into any major plot points, if you want to know nothing then best back off. 

Stranger Things season two is finally here, and we pretty much all spent our weekends binge-watching it. 

F*ck being social, we’ve waited 15 months to return to Hawkins, Indiana, and to catch up with Mike and the gang.


Our questions (including, but not limited to: is Eleven alive? What lasting effect has Will’s trip to the Upside Down had on him? And will Nancy pick Steve, or Jonathan?) have all been addressed, and we’re already raring for season three.

(Let’s have it in less than 15 months this time please Netflix).

For a lot of people, however, there’s been one stand out in the new series.

Steve Harrington.

Formerly just an inconvenient obstacle to Nancy and Jonathan’s happiness, he’s been through one hell of a character development, and is now one of the best people on the show.

Without giving too much away (because we’re aware a lot of people won’t have finished watching it yet), he’s been spending a lot of time with the younger characters this season – Dustin, Lucas, Mike and Will – and he’s become kind of a “cool mom” type.

People are here for it:

Also great? His relationship with Dustin…

Have you watched Stranger Things season two? Let us know what you thought in the comments! 

Images via Netflix

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