Convincing Fan Theory Explains How 'Stranger Things' Might Connect To 'IT'


This article is more or less spoiler free, so proceed with the same amount of caution as you would if you were to order a slightly hotter-than-usual curry.

Isn’t it weird that at the end of Stranger Things everyone turns out to be a figment of Steve’s mum’s imagination, except for Dustin who’s actually a gerbil? I never saw it coming, that’s for sure.

Anyway, before that revelation, we met Bob. That’s not a spoiler, Bob was in the trailers. Now, a little bit of background on Bob; he’s the nicest man to ever be written into anything. He means no harm to anyone or anything, in fact he means the opposite.

Bob means favour to everyone and everything and we love him, even if Joyce’s sons are unconvinced. Played by Sean Astin in a role that’s sort of eerily similar to his role as Samwise in Lord of the Rings crossed with him as Mikey from The Goonies, Bob is a lovable nerd who’s found himself in a cosy relationship with Joyce but then thrown into trouble beyond his remit.


But there may be more to Bob than meets the eye, as a fan theory has suggested.

Alright, I know that most fan theories are totally ridiculous and largely shit, but there’s something in this one. It claims that Bob is a survivor of a Pennywise attack… as in Pennywise from the Stephen King novel IT.

You’ll maybe know that in episode two of Stranger Things 2, Bob reveals that his parents are from Maine – the place where the events of IT take place. Obviously that’s not it. That would be ridiculous.


Later in the series, in the episode The Pollywog, Bob is bonding with Will, who’s been having recurring visions of the upside down. As everyone dismisses them as flashbacks and bad dreams, Bob tries to offer help, opening up about when he was a child and used to have recurring nightmares about a creepy clown offering him a balloon.

Bob tells Will that he was terrorised by the clown repeatedly until eventually he screamed at it to “go away”. That’s when it stopped.


The theory states that Bob could have been one of the children who was terrorised by Pennywise back when he was a kid, who sooner or later dismissed the terrifying incidents as dreams.

That could explain why Bob really doesn’t like horror films… and why he’s so vanilla. He just wants to chill out after his chaotic childhood. That said, why would he want to go back to Maine?


One of the holes in this theory is that since the events of Stranger Things 2 happen a year before those of IT, then how could Bob have been terrorised as a kid? Well, Pennywise is known for going into 27 year long hibernations, so that would be pretty good timing to catch Bob as a younglin.

Also, the creators of Stranger Things, the Duffer Brothers, are huge fans of Stephen King, and fit as many nods to him as they can in the Netflix series.

It makes perfect sense. Bob Newby’s a superhero.

Then again… No?

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