5 Film Franchises That Completely Messed Up Their Final Parts


When a movie franchise comes to an end, it’s a big deal. Fans have been invested in these characters and their stories for ‘x’ amount of years, and they’re desperate for a satisfying conclusion. No loose ends, no unanswered questions. Everything – and we mean everything – has to be done right. 

With so much mounted pressure, not every franchise conclusion can live up to expectations, and we get that. But some films get it so unbelievably wrong that you’re left wondering what the point was in the producers even bothering to make it in the first place.

Below we’ve listed five particularly bad last films in some of the most popular franchises, alongside reasons why they were deemed as such. So, sit back, relax and let’s all hate on these movies together …

Spider-Man 3 (2007)


The last instalment in the Spider-Man trilogy (the first one with Toby McGuire) was an absolute travesty, and we’d hoped to never discuss it ever again. But, since the subject of bad films has come up, it would seem almost morally wrong to not include this abysmal disaster of a flick. Like – honestly – Spider-Man 3 was so bad.

First, there was Toby’s ridiculous ‘I’m-so-emo-because-I’ve-gone-to-the-bad-side-now‘ hair style. It hung just over his eyes, and made him look a lot like an aspiring screamo band member when it was paired with black eye-liner. (We refuse to call it guy-liner. It’s bloody eye-liner).


Another problem – the biggest, we’d argue – was the half-hearted, and almost too comical inclusion of Venom’s character. Topher Grace from That 70’s show was chosen to take on the role of Eddie Brock, which everyone agrees was a terribly miscast role. It just didn’t make any sense. Topher Grace has the kind of face that you automatically want to laugh at, so it seemed to be too much of a stretch for us to try and take him seriously in a role that was so clearly made for someone much more solemn-looking. Tom Hardy, for example.

Tom Hardy’s going to make such a good Eddie Brock/Venom.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011)


We know, we know. It would be a crime to even think of uttering a bad word against those beloved Harry Potter film adaptations. And, in all honesty, we feel a little bit guilty about this. However – it needs to be done.

Now, Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 wasn’t as bad as Spider-Man 3. Heck, it wasn’t even that bad – period. However – and we are not the only ones who have said this – those final moments of the film really do just ruin it for us. Seeing Harry Potter and the gang so visibly older kind of just rubbed us the wrong way.


It was quite hard to focus on their kids and the whole ending because well – it was just a bit too distracting. Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe were so clearly slathered in make-up, and perhaps things would have worked much better if they’d have gotten older actors to play them instead.

Just sayin’.

Taken 3 (2014)


What is it with Liam Neeson and the action genre? They just can’t seem to let him go. When he isn’t threatening to find and kill someone because they snagged his daughter during a trip to Europe, he’s running frantically around on a plane trying to find someone with cruel intentions – or running frantically around on a train trying to find someone with cruel intentions. Like honestly, does the guy just not do so well with public transport and travel?

Taken 3 was – without a doubt – one of the biggest let-downs of the Taken franchise, and it’s not as if we had such high expectations in the first place. The film felt like it lasted for hours, and it all just seemed a bit forced. Like, doesn’t Liam Neeson ever fancy a rest? Why must there always be something gone wrong for him to fix? The third film saw his ex-wife murdered, which meant that he was obviously framed for it, which meant that he obviously had to get revenge and solve it all.

Only moments away from being taken by a vicious band of kidnappers, Kim (Maggie Grace) makes an urgent phone call to her father.

Which also meant that we were subjected to – like – five hours of torture. Torture that we didn’t ask for. Torture that made us suffer in ways we hadn’t even thought possible. Like Bryan Mills annoying daughter, Kim – for example. Why did she survive beyond the first film? It wouldn’t have been that bad if she’d just disappeared for the rest of the franchise. We would have been fine with that.

X Men: The Last Stand (2006)


Why – we repeat – why did these people decide that it would completely fine to bring Jean Grey back from the dead and have Cyclops die in the process? Like – when was that ever an acceptable thing to do? Who said yes to that idea? Were they high at the time?

We get that Jean Grey had transformed into the Dark Phoenix, but was it really necessary to basically jam her romance with Wolverine down our throats? Actually, we take that back. What they had wasn’t even worthy enough to be deemed a romance. At most it was just Wolverine making suggestive comments and Jean raising her newly-dyed red eyebrows and pressing up against him in response, only for him to say ‘this isn’t you, Jean, you’ve changed …’


What a tease. 

We demand justice. Justice for what this film did to the X-Men franchise. Justice for our wasted time, and, for heavens sake, justice for Cyclops. Like – it really wasn’t necessary to kill him so abruptly like that. He deserved better.

The Lion King 1½ (2004)


Yes, the last film in the animated Lion King trilogy was silly. We all know it. But hey, let’s not spend our time discussing that. Let’s talk about how the second film in the trilogy – titled Lion King: Simba’s Pride – was arguably the best of them all.

Shock. Horror. We know … deal with it.


Simba’s Pride focused on a grown-up Simba who, whilst flawlessly embracing his role as the new king of the jungle, was also having quite a difficult time giving his daughter – Kiara – the freedom she desperately craved. Out of rebellion, she wondered into the parts of the jungle where the exiled lions resided (the lions who were stilled devoted to Scar) and ended up meeting a little lion cub named Kovu. The film kind of channelled the whole ‘forbidden love’ vibe from the beginning when the two of them fell in love and our little 5-year-old selves were absolutely enchanted by it.

Simba’s Pride had the best soundtrack (just admit it) and the best story-line, as well as a love story that made us feel things that we didn’t even know were possible at that age. What a legendary film.

Are they any film franchises that you’d like to add to this list? Do you agree with these picks?

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