13 Tiny Details That You Probably Missed In Huge Films


Films are largely very average and not worth watching. That’s not to say that films can’t be fantastic, obviously, because some of the best media worth consuming can be found in the cinema – it’s just that production companies churn them out without thinking too hard about it to an extent where we have so many more bad films than good ones.

You know what I’m getting at, don’t you. There’s only so many Fast and Furious films and lazily written, generic romances and horrors that you can put up with until you start begging for the next Shawshank Redemption.

Every now and then though, even in a film that’s not that great, we’ll get a lovely piece of attention to detail. That’s what this article about. The nice bits…

1. You may remember the sad little snippet from Shrek when the three bears got split up. Did that story have a happy ending? No, the mother bear became one of Lord Farquaad’s rugs.


2. The shadows left by Michelle Pfeiffer \ Selina Kyle’s glasses are foreshadowing her alter-ego as Catwoman.


3. There are Dyson Airblades in Star Fleet in Star Trek


4. The warning proceeding Fight Club is essentially having a go at you for reading it.


5. Home Alone Director, Chris Columbus, thought it would be too mean for Kevin to actively mock a real girl – Buzz’s girlfriend – for being ugly, so instead had the Art Director’s son dress up as a girl.


6. The cereal brand that can be seen in the Great Hall breakfast buffet in Harry Potter is a somewhat clever spin on Cheerios, called Cheeri-Owls. As if wizards don’t have the letter O and muggles aren’t aware of owls.


7. In Back to the Future, when Marty travels to the 50s, he knocks down one of three pine trees with the DeLorean. Later on when he returns the the 80s, his legacy lives on.


8. The Warner Bros. logo gets progressively darker as the Harry Potter franchise follows in suit.


9. The Princess Bride logo on the poster reads the same when you flip it upside-down.


10. Ed’s plan for the day in Sean Of The Dead perfectly foreshadows the events of the zombie invasion.


11. At the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy 2, we see Peter’s dad driving his car, and it has a very similar paint job to that of Peter’s ship. Chip off the old block.


12. Mia’s gang story in Pulp Fiction is almost exactly the same as in Kill Bill, down to her playing the right character…


13. Progress. In the heartbreaking opening montage in Up, you can see the skyline changing as time goes by, behind the hillside the couple would picnic on.


Images via Warner Bros, Disney, Universal, Fox

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